Laser Tagging Inc. offers an excellent fundraising opportunity for your school, non-profit organization, club, or sports team!

Your organization can earn 20% of the sales that you bring in on a designated fundraising day dedicated for your group! All you have to do is contact our store manager and setup a date for your fundraiser, and then start spreading the word!

Your group receives 20% from all sales from all customers that bring in a flyer for your fundraiser (with your group name), or that mention your group’s name when they are paying for their game(s)! It’s that easy!


Here’s the step-by-step on how it works:

1. Contact the Laser Tagging Inc. Manager.

  • Complete the a short fundraising application
  • Complete and sign the W-9 Form

2. Confirm the date and the time of the event with the store manager.

3. Invite friends & family to Laser Tagging Inc. on the designated day and time of the event.

4. 20% of the qualified sales from any guests that presents a flyer* at the time of purchase will go to your school or organization. (Please note that on the day of your fundraiser, we prohibit flyers from being handed out anywhere within 200 feet of our laser tagging facility. That’s pretty much anywhere in the parking lot! Your job is to bring in customers who weren’t already heading to laser tag!)

5. Laser Tagging Inc. will send your school or organization a check within 4 weeks from the date of your event.


* For fundraising flyers, your group may design or create your own flyer. Just make sure you keep it family-friendly and that you send our staff a copy ahead of time so that we have a copy. Your flyer must say your organization/group’s name on it, the date of the fundraiser, and include our address (5759 Stevenson Blvd., Newark, CA 94560).
Ways to promote your fundraising event:

  • Distribute flyers before the event (Laser Tag will create a flyer for you to make copies)*
  • Internal announcements, promotions, & e-mail blasts
  • Make poster to display on campus
  • Tell your friends & family
  • Promote on Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, & other community websites
  • Flyers cannot be distributed in or around the restaurant on the day of the event.

The more you spread the word and the more flyers are brought in the day of the event, the more money will be raised for your school or organization! We look forward to supporting you!


Contact Sales @ LaserTagging Inc.

5759 Stevenson Blvd.
Newark, CA 94560
(510) 573-1700